Rocking Horse

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Hop on and ride away!

Hop on the back of your horse and hear the clip clop of its hooves as you go! Take your own horse on long rides to enjoy wonderful adventures. Did you know that this magical horse will never get tired or hungry? This means endless rocking!

Take off the head and hang it on the wall as a trophy. The bottom can be used as a stool.

Extra fun element: the tail is made out of 8 ropes. These can be braided, beads can be added,… Let the imagination run free!

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The cardboard rocking horse of Mister Tody will help your kid to improve its motor skills and balance. Did you know that you can disassemble the rocking horse and put up its head as a unique piece of art? The body can also be used as a stool.

Extra fun element: the tail is made out of ropes. Go wild on braids and beads to have the best looking horse on the prairie. Ready to ride? Easy to assemble, watch our video tutorial to see how

Dimensions built up: 41x70x73 cm
Flat packed: 76.8 x 44.8 x 3 cm

* One pack consists of : printed cardboard (1 body, 1 horse head) + 3 rope for the tail

Did you know? 

The cardboard toys created by Mister Tody are not only fun and charming, they are also eco-friendly. Mister Tody wants to contribute to the decrease of plastic pollution by offering magical cardboard toys that are easy to recycle and incredibly fun to play with.


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