Hero Set

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Superhero needed!

Design your very own Hero Set and get ready to defeat the dragons, the bad guys, the good guys or whoever you want! Dress up as your favourite hero or disguise yourself as a supervillain. The possibilities are endless!

This cardboard Hero Set consists of a sword, a shield and a mask. Design and draw your own superhero logo and become a real life hero. Ready to play?

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Everything is possible with the Hero Set by Mister Tody. According to superhero legends, the cardboard shield will give you magical strength, the mask makes you unbeatable and the sword, well the sword is just really badass. This cardboard superhero toy set is the perfect gift for little artists, brave knights or creative dreamers. The only question now is: are you ready to play?

The hero set is delivered in a cardboard sleeve. Ready to assemble. No tools are needed and all elements* are included, ready for use. Easy to demount for easy storage.

Dimensions built up: 12x12x42cm (sword) / 32×0.2×14.5cm (mask) / 23×0.6×28.5cm (shield)
Flat packed: 44.8×38.4×1.5 cm

* One pack consists of: recycled cardboard (1 sword, 1 mask, 1 shield), elastic band

Did you know? 

The cardboard toys created by Mister Tody are not only fun and charming, they are also eco-friendly. Mister Tody wants to contribute to the decrease of plastic pollution by offering magical cardboard toys that are easy to recycle and incredibly fun to play with.


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