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XL Elvis, the Duck, White

XL Elvis, the Duck, White

This XL version of Classic Duck is perfect for physical and perceptive skills. Elvis, the Duck, will follow your child wherever they go. Splash around with our bright monochrome duckies. Elvis, the Duck, is hand-crafted with no holes so when they’re floating about, no bacteria or mold is present.

Completely safe for kids, worry-free play!

Find XL Elvis, the Duck, in 5 naturally dyed colors:
white, yellow, pink, green and blue.

Size 14 x 19 x 17,5 cm

• Made from 100% natural latex, taken from Hevea Malaysian trees, and hand painted with safe, natural food graded dyes.

• Ecologic, biodegradable and eco-friendly. Non-Toxic: BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free.

• Anti-bacterial and highly hygienic.

• Soft, easy to grasp and safe to chew.

• Used as teethers, bath toys, decorative objects and more! Stimulates baby's senses and soothes teething gums.

• Handmade, taking care to every detail. Due to the natural rubber used for it’s creation, there may be minor variations in color and shape.

• To clean, simply wipe your toy with soapy water and a damp cloth.
• Store in a dry place. If left on the side of a bath or on tile that may be slightly wet or moist, the toys will start to mold (like any natural product). Air drying between use, is recommended.
• Do not leave the toy in direct contact with sunlight or any artificial light for long periods of time, as the color may fade away.
• Oli&Carol toys are handmade and 100%natural, so small imperfections or inconsistencies are normal.
• Remove packaging and all tags before giving the toy to your child.
• Do not sterilize.

29.99 EUR